Diss and District Camera Club (DDCC)

Data Protection Policy May 2018

1. In accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 the DDCC will:


for members who have given written acceptance of the DDCC Data Protection Policy 2018.

2. Written acceptance to be confirmed every year by each member when applying for a new current membership.

3. The data will only be accessed by: 

4. All current members information and the immediate past years data will be recorded and stored on the personal computer of:

but in a separate form from their own personal data.

5. All reasonable precautions will be taken by the DDCC committee to safe guard the privacy of member’s data.

6. The data will only to be used to facilitate the efficient administration of the club and to inform members of forth coming events.

7. Members data will NOT be passed to any other member or third party for whatever reason, unless so ordered by a court of law. (blind copies on all emails).

8. Any member can apply to one of the above officers, giving 14 days notice, requesting sight of their own data held by the DDCC.

9. An individual can request that their personal data can be completely deleted from the data base by applying to one of the above officers, giving 14 days notice.

10. No personal data of any individual will be added to the data base until the full DDCC yearly membership has been paid.

11. Main communications from the DDCC to members will be by email.